Monday, May 2, 2011

I have now contacted Ringling's Director of Environmental Health and Safety Carl Powell twice about Ringling's recycling program. I expressed my concerns that many of the studios and residence halls do not have proper means of recycling, to which many trash can get filled with items that could otherwise be recycled. Also, most students that I have discussed this issue with believe that Ringling doesn't actually make proper use of the recycling bins it currently has. This I feel results in an attitude in which many students feel that it is pointless to even make the attempt.

Since my second email Carl Powell has stated that Ringling has worked out a recycling program and that the issue will be resolved. If the problem is not resolved by next semester I will continue to voice my concerns.

I have also been talking to a number of students who would be willing to join in on a collaborative effort to create an organic vegetable garden on campus. I feel that this could have a number of positive effects. One being a joint effort between majors on the layout and design of the garden, which could also serve as a sculpture garden and walkway. It could give students on the meal plan an option to each fresher food and more sustainable food. I believe it would also make Ringling's campus even more attractive to incoming students.

~Matthew Decker

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